Reference Library of Black America

This authoritative, 5-vol. set provides a range of historical and current information on African-American history, society and culture. Students also will find chronologies, texts of important documents and speeches, brief biographical profiles, legislation, essays, statistics and more than 800 illustrations to help with research. A glossary, a selected bibliography and cumulative subject index make this resource easy to use.

Includes an on-line resource, free with purchase.
About 1,500pp. in 5 vols. Edited by Jeffery Lehman. ISBN 0-7876-7632

Price: $249.90/5-vol. set.


Reference Library of Black America: Elementary School Edition

NEW! For detailed and comprehensive information on African Americans and African-American history, consult the new Reference Library of Black America: Elementary School Edition. Written at a reading level appropriate for younger students, this 5-vol. set features a range of historical and cultural data on African-American life and culture. The Almanac volumes are divided into 26 fascinating chapters, including:
- Civil Rights
- Black Nationalism
- Law: The Legal Status of African Americans
- Politics: The Voter and Elected Officeholder
- The Family and Health
- Jobs and Money
- Religion
- Education
- Music
- Film and Television
- Literature
- Sports 
- Science, Medicine and Invention
- And more

For those interested in exploring significant social, political, economic, and educational milestones in black history, the Chronology volumes span from 1492 to the present.

1,009 pp. in 5 vols. ISBN 0-7876-5898-7.
Web Enhancer, featuring 1,200 biographies and pictures, free with purchase.
Price: $219.90/5-vol. set.

Introducing a new premier reference in full color:

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos & Latinas in the United States.

A landmark scholarly work offers comprehensive, reliable and accessible information about the fastest growing minority population in the nation. Over 900 A to Z articles from leading scholars survey history, people, the arts social movements and much more! Includes more than 400 photographs, tables, charts and maps. Topical entries on subjects as varied as Banda to Machismo, Quinceaneras to Spanish Harlem. More than 200 biographies on notable Latinos and Latinas in the USA.

2,240 pages in 4 volumes. Edited by Suzanne Oboler and Deena J. Gonzalez. ISBN 0-19-515600-5.

Price: $499.90/4 vol. set.

Reference Library of Hispanic America

BRAND NEW. This 4 volume reference is a valuable tool for today's fastest growing population segment. Successfully compliments English as a second language and Title I and III programs. Describes all major aspects of the culture and civilization of Hispanics living in the United States. Subject-specific chapters cover topics such as women, religion, literature, landmarks, art, business and more. Other value-added features include photos, a glossary, a bibliography, and a general subject index. 

About 1000pp. in 4 volumes.  Edited by Sonia Benson. ISBN 0-7876-7638.  

Price: $249.90/4vol.set


Reference Library of Hispanic America: Elementary School Edition

One of our best selling new sets, this 4 volume set is the perfect compliment to younger readers learning English as a second language and Title III programs. This most important resource explores significant social, political, economic and educational benchmarks for today’s largest growing population segment. This set includes an almanac, profiles on 100 Hispanic Americans, chronology and Voices, including letters, essays, and speeches from notable Hispanic Americans. Biographies on popular current day stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Sammy Sosa and Cameron Diaz will captivate younger readers.

Approx. 1000 pp. in 4 vols. Edited by Sonia G. Benson, Rob Nagel and Sharon Rose. ISBN 0-7876-6605-X

Price: $219.90/4 vol. set.



A great addition to any Library:

Black Women in America

This is the seminal reference work that shattered the silence about black women in America is now fully updated and revised. This set was universally acclaimed winning the Dartmouth Medal for Outstanding Reference Publication. This new edition includes women such as Venus and Serena Williams, Condoleezza Rice, Carol Mosley-Braun, Ruth Simmons and Ann Fudge. Includes 600 illustrations. Appropriate for the needs of scholars, researchers as well as the classroom and entertaining enough to satisfy the casual reader, Black Women in America will appeal to a large readership.

Includes access to our web enhancer including thousands of additional biographies.
2160pp in 3 volumes. Second Edition. Edited by Darlene Clark Hine. ISBN 0-19-515677-3.

Price: $349.90/3-volume set.


The complete Multi Cultural set!

The Comprehensive Collection.

Includes the complete Reference Library: Reference Library of Black America, Reference Library of Hispanic Americans, Reference Library of Native North Americans, Reference Library of European Americans, Reference Library of Middle Eastern Americans, Reference Library of American Women and Reference Library of American Men. Purchase the entire collection at a substantial discount. An easy and affordable way to enhance your reference collection. 31 volumes in all.

Price $999.90 for all 31 volumes.

Reference Library of Native North America

NEW EDITION When your students require readable and authoritative information on the culture and civilization of indigenous peoples of the U.S. and Canada -- both historic and contemporary -- direct them to this 4-vol. reference. In these fascinating pages, they'll find brief biographies, signed topical essays, annotated directories, excerpts from important documents and much more. Each chapter contains a subject-specific bibliography, photographs, maps and charts (400 illustrations in all).

Web enhancer, featuring 800 additional biographies, free with purchase.
1,398 pp. in 4 vols. Edited by Duane Champagne. ISBN 0-7876-1655-9. 

Price: $219.90/4-vol. set.


Reference Library of American Men

NEW This new 4-vol. resource provides a unique, comprehensive look at the lives of 650 men who have gained international recognition for their enduring contributions to human culture and society. Both contemporary and historic figures covering a wide range of occupations or fields of endeavor are featured. Look for such renowned personalities as:

- Muhammad Ali
- Bob Dylan
- Bill Gates
- Steven Spielberg
- Tiger Woods
- Thomas Jefferson
- Edgar Allen Poe
- William Randolph Hearst
- Frank Sinatra
- Cesar Chavez
- And many more

Arranged alphabetically, each authoritative article begins with a brief description paragraph that provides a capsule identification and a statement of the man's significance. A narrative essay, generally about 800 words in length, follows and offers a substantial treatment of the individual's life. Each essay ends with a "Further Reading" section and, when applicable, a list of additional sources of information. Other value-added features include photographs and two indexes that help researchers identify men by name and occupation.

Web enhancer, featuring 1000 biographies and pictures, free with purchase.
1st Ed. 1,300 pp. ISBN 0-7876-6259-3. 

Price: $219.90/4-vol. set

Reference Library of American Women

For fascinating and inspiring glimpses at the lives of 650 women who have gained international recognition for their enduring contributions to human culture and society, there's no better place to start than with this authoritative resource. The Reference Library of American Women features both contemporary and historic figures covering a wide range of occupations or fields of endeavor. Included are such renowned twenty-first century women as poet laureate Maya Angelou, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and artist Maya Ying Lin. Important historic figures include Queen Elizabeth I, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Pocahontas, Marie Antoinette and Madame Curie. Biographical essays, about 800 words in length, offer a substantial treatment of the women's lives and are arranged alphabetically in four volumes. The resource also features numerous portraits and a historical chronology of people, places and events that changed women's history. Three indexes identify women by name, nationality and field of endeavor.

About 1,250 pp. in 4 vols. ISBN 0-7876-3864-1.
Price: $219.90/4-vol. set.

Reference Library of Middle Eastern America
Reference Library of Arab America
Reference Library of Jewish America

For a complete overview of the contemporary and historic figures important in the American and international Arab and Jewish communities, start with this illustrated biographical collection. Essays offer a substantial treatment of the lives of 700 prominent persons and thoroughly analyze each subject's contribution to society and culture. Also included are Cultures and Ethnic Groups volumes that feature essays on countries with significant Arab and Jewish populations. Three indexes -- name, nationality, and occupation -- facilitate research.

About 1,500 pp. in 6 vols. ISBN 0-7876-4784-5.
Price: $269.90/6-vol. set.





Reference Library of European America

This compelling, 4-vol. resource supports the needs of students interested in learning more about the descendants of immigrants from Europe. Lengthy essays detail the experiences of more than 40 ethnic and ethno-religious groups. While each ethnic essay includes information on the country or origin and circumstances surrounding major immigration waves, the primary focus of these ethnic essays is on that group's experiences in the U.S., specifically in the areas of acculturation and assimilation, family and community dynamics, language, religion, employment and economic traditions, politics and government, and significant contributions. Also featured are detailed profiles of 45 countries of origin, a general subject index and a bibliography. The text is highlighted by numerous photos, maps, flags and national emblems.

About 1,250 pp.in 4 vols. ISBN 0-7876-2965-0.
Price: $219.90/4-vol. set.


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